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Now is the perfect time to make a change!

Hiring Environment for Experienced Attorneys

If you were ever thinking about making a change, now is the time! The recruiters at Zerega Consulting are experiencing a lateral market like never before. The first six months of 2021 were the most successful in the history of Zerega Consulting and we are still booming! As we head into the 3rd Quarter, which is traditionally the the most robust and busiest hiring season, this is best time to begin or continue a your job search. In fact, Zerega Consulting has a number of clients with urgent needs and actively interviewing for both lawyers and paralegal. You don’t want to miss an opportunity if you are interested in a new position!

Our legal recruiters at Zerega Consulting, make it their top priority to get to know you and work with you to find that new opportunity. They listen to what you want and try to make it happen. I am not saying that they always can, but if they can’t, they are open and honest and will let you know. Our legal recruiters have worked under the strictest ethics and earned the trust and respect of Managing Partners and Recruiting Professionals across the globe. They are available to you as a resource, an advisor and as a trusted professional. They will guide you through your search, every step of the way.

For a complete listing of open opportunities, please contact us at or reach out to the recruiter individually:


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