As we are all aware, the last few weeks have hit the legal industry especially hard.


According to, 64,000 attorneys were furloughed or laid-off during the month of April:


We understand this is an incredibly difficult time and we want to do what we can to assist as many people as we can who have been affected by this unprecedented downturn in our industry. 


Searching job boards and linked-in posts and company websites for jobs that fit your skillset is time-consuming and frustrating. Applying to those jobs online, is the equivalent of sending your resume into a black hole: you have no idea who gets it or even where it goes. As an attorney, you have earned the right to be discreet in your job search.


At Zerega Consulting, we utilize cutting edge technology and sophisticated software programs to identify the accuracy and viability of positions posted on these job boards and on web sites across the United States. These programs have been used by legal recruiters for years and we are offering to proactively share this information with you.


We have created a system that will notify you, via text and/or e-mail message, a list of active attorney positions in law-firms, and in-house positions across the United States.


If you are interested in one of the positions, simply reply to the text with “interested.” At that point, you will receive a detailed sheet for the position you expressed an interest in. After reviewing the long description, you decide you’d like to apply for the position, only then will you send us your resume.


The alerts are designed to be sent two times a week. As we ramp up, and if the demand is there, we are happy to increase the frequency of these notifications, as needed.


This is an opt-in service, created and managed by Zerega Consulting, and it is free of charge.  We will not share your email address and you will never receive any marketing emails from us.


If you would like to receive these notifications, please opt-in by filling out this very short form:



Jodie Zerega, Carrie Shepherd and Kate Moore