Paralegals or legal assistants perform tasks such as conducting legal and factual research, drafting court documents and correspondence, reviewing and summarizing records, filing documents with the court, maintaining files, and communicating with clients.

Hiring a Paralegal

Zerega Consulting is committed to finding the right Paralegal for your firm. In order for us to successfully fill the position, we would like to get a better understanding of your firms needs. 

Working as a Paralegal can be a fulfilling profession as well as a stressful one. At Zerega Consulting, we must identify why the Paralegal chooses this legal profession in the first place so that the placement is beneficial for both.

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Looking for a Paralegal opportunity

Zerega Consulting has identified many opportunities for Paralegals. Our recruiters take the time to get to know and understand the values of each Paralegal. We are committed to achieving this goal by gaining a personal relationship with all of our paralegals to ensure a match. 

The Paralegal profession is one of the fastest growing fields. The legal industry is a relatively small network of connected professionals;  therefore, it's important your search is handled with the utmost attention to confidentiality.  At Zerega Consulting, we understand the ramifications a breach of confidence will have on your career.